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Hello and Welcome! I'm Paul Radosevich, founder of and inventor of this incredible new 3DHD technology for your drums that allows you to perfectly tune both heads on your drums to any note you want in an instant. As any good percussionist knows, drums are a melodic instrument. Drummers will sometimes struggle for hours tuning and retuning their heads to get a rich and clear resonating tone from each of their drums. And far too often, heads are neglected and their drums are simply played as-is.
Well, those days are gone. Now you can tune your drums Fast and Easy! You can turn even your smallest kit into something you have never imagined... DrumTone opens the door to truly creative percussion.

NAMM 2012 was our first year exhibiting at this exciting event as it opened the door to many years to come. You may have visited us where you would have found something truly incredible...

In our booth was my old beat-up 5-piece, vintage Ludwig kit from the 1960's.
But you had to look close to see something Very Unique...
Each drum had a small black knob (called a PitchDial) mounted on the rim. Now, these old drums do sound nice... but when you turn the PitchDial, the pitch of Both Heads raises or lowers instantly, clearly and perfectly together at the same time! You can easily set each of your toms to the "exact" note that you want! This allows you to set the pitch of your drums to match the style of music you're playing. Plus, you can change the pitch of any of your drums between songs or sets... anytime you like! at NAMM 2012

We had several DrumTone PitchPedals that allow a drummer to raise or lower drum pitch Hands-Free... Even While Playing! The PitchPedal works well on any drum but is especially cool on your snare, timbales or djembe where you can be truly creative. See this video where several professional drummers have fun playing these cool sounding drums:
We also had a set of "Poor Man's Timpani" in our booth. This was a colorful eye-catcher where we had outfitted four Rubbermaid garbage cans with DrumTone Rings operated by PitchPedals that sounded incredible! See a short collection of videos here:
DrumTone's exclusive new technology adds a rich and clear, fully-acoustic dimension to all types of drums and styles of percussion, including any type of new or old timpani. Contact us today and we'll be happy to show you how!

Order Today and Turn Your Drums Into 3DHD Drums!


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