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Turn YOUR Drums
Into 3DHD Drums!
DrumTone gives you Clear, Acoustic HD Sound
With Fast & Easy 3D Pitch Control
Hi, I’m a drummer and inventor of the technology behind an incredible advancement for all drums, which is currently patent pending and is found only at on-line, or a dealer near you. Please read and enjoy our story...


For hundreds of years, drums have communicated enthusiasm, strength, inspiration and great excitement for dance and highly spirited events. There's nothing more compelling than the rich, warm and powerful resonance of finely tuned drums. Drums have a powerful influence and are the backbone of music performed on stage, at concerts, in stadiums, in the streets or in sophisticated recording studios. Musicians agree that every good band has a very good drummer... and the best drummers always have the Best Sounding Drums!


At our goal is to perfect the deepest, richest sound possible. To overcome the imperfections that impair drum resonance and to minimize all sour overtones. Years of R&D uncovered an astonishing finding... Our new method of isolating the drum head from conventional support hardware by floating the head on a cushion of air, opens the doors to a whole new instrument that can not only be tuned to Clear Perfection at a sustained pitch, but can now be played like a true "musical" instrument that can play melodies or chords. 
The new DrumTone Technology allows drummers to instantly vary the Clear Pitch of each drum head independantly or together at any time, even while PLAYING!


How the DrumTone System works:


Every drummer knows you can spend hours keying lugs to get even “close” to perfect. The DrumTone System instantly produces a Perfectly Clear Tone every time on any drum. 360 degree uniform head tension produces a richly enhanced, purely natural acoustic sound ...even on old damaged drums or heads!


The real beauty of this system is that it enhances YOUR drums, with YOUR heads, as they suddenly come ALIVE with music like never before! The DrumTone Tuning System uses a state-of-the-art combination of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies to dramatically enhance the sound produced by YOUR drums.

Varying the pitch of any or all of you drum heads is where the real fun begins. The DrumTone Tuning System offers Pitch control by Hand, Foot or Mouth;
     - The PitchDial controls drum head pitch by turning a small knob by hand. 
     - The PitchPedal controls drum head pitch "hands-free" by pressing a pedal by foot.
     - The PitchPipe controls drum head pitch "hands-free" by biting down on the mouthpiece.

Now ALL of your toms, your snare, your bass drum, batter heads, reson heads, can ALL be tuned exactly the same or different, fast or slow, however you like, naturally, acoustically, instantly! You can change the pitch of your drums on different songs of different genre during a session or between sets; smooth-jazz, pop, hard-rock, heavy-metal, country, reggae or 50's... Be creative, the musical possibilities are endless!
Be listening for the unique musical sound of DrumTone on new songs by your favorite artists. Plus, DrumTone makes even your old dusty drum kit sound incredible. My old Ludwig kit that you see in the photos and videos here is Vintage 1967. Even your old drums can now sing like never before! Buy on-line or visit a dealer near you to purchase a DrumTone system that fits your kit and style, today. It's easy to install & simply incredible. You'll be amazed by what you can now do with your drums in 3DHD!

DrumTone also offers Process Systems Integration Engineering and Field Services for the design, manufacture, installation, trouble-shooting and startup commissioning of custom industrial or commercial production processes involving any level of sophisticated civil, structural, architectural, utility, mechanical and electrical vocations of virtually any magnitude. DrumTone Service Technicians have decades of experience using state-of-the-art technologies and provide the maximum value to your projects promptly and efficiently with
the utmost of professional courtesies. Please contact us for a free, no-cost, no-obligation, detailed estimate of our professional services, which will include our terms and conditions.

As always, we will be happy to serve you.
Thank you.

Paul Radosevich, Inc.
Phone: 612-669-8483 was created and produced by
Many thanks to the skilled Techs at 

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