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Portable PitchPipe

Price: $250.00
Item Number: M-16

Made with only Instrument Quality Brass parts, this Portable PitchPipe fits in your pocket.

Perfect for marching band and drum corps use.


This portable system is operated by biting a MouthPiece, leaving both of your hands and feet free to play or march. The harder you bite the MouthPiece, the higher your drum pitch. This adds a truly creative live dynamic to any percussive performance. Drum Pitch Control is incredibly fast and easy... like nothing you've ever experienced! 


  • One CO2 cartridge is included to provide approximately 200 Pitches/Head/Cartridge. Additional Cartridges are sold separately. (see Accessories)
  • This portable includes a valve stem for attachment to a standard air compressor if desired.   


  • The MouthPiece and hose are filled with tap water prior to use.

  •  The natural rubber MouthPiece Bulb contains no latex and is long lasting.








  • Shut-Off Pinch with Belt Clasp allows you to easilly lock in your desired pitch.



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