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DrumTone 35" Timpani

Price: $950.00
Item Number: DDT-35
DrumTone Timpani has a Booming Clear Sound and Perfect Pitch!
Unlike any conventional timpani, DrumTone Timpany is Lightweight & Portable for use Anywhere!
See a short video demonstration of a 20" at the Chicago Drum Show 2013:  

Six standard sizes: 20"23" - 26" - 29" - 32" - 35" are affordable for any school, orchestra or percussionist. 
REMO Coated Renaissance Timpani heads are included as standard for a truly rich professional sound.
A PitchDial is included on each DrumTone Timpani for setting exact notes. The pitch range of each DrumTone Timpani is about one full octave.
A solid, lightweight & easily adjustable stand is included. Height adjustment is 29" to 53" from the floor. Plus, the head frame can be tilted from horizontal to 90 degrees vertical.

The DrumTone Timpani head frame easily detaches from the stand for portable use in marching bands or for playing while on foot. An adjustable nylon strap is included, as well as an on/off toggle switch for use when disconnected from the Supply CO2 Tank. Set the pitch with the PitchDial, throw the toggle switch to "off", pull the air supply hose and walk, march or dance away playing!
Select one Supply CO2 Tank for your entire set of DrumTone Timpani. (We recommend having one Spare CO2 Tank as a reserve)
Add an optional PitchPedal to raise or lower the pitch of one or any number of DrumTone Timpani by foot while you play. Add an optional DrumTone Portable PitchPipe for entirely mobile, freestyle pitch change by mouth. The harder you bite, the higher your pitch!

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