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Rings to Match Any Non-Standard, Custom Drum Head Size

Price: $70.00
Item Number: RING-(Size in inches)

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Rings perform the magic of the Tuning System.
Rings last a lifetime for endless creativity!
US & International Patents Pending. 


Rings match your head size and fit between your rim and your hoop to float your head on a cushion of air. All distortions from head, rim, shell, lugs or mounts are absorbed. Head tension is perfectly uniform 360° and resonates with a beautiful clear pitch. Top and bottom heads of any number of drums can be tuned exactly the same, or however you like.


Rings are easy to install; 
1. Remove your rim.
2. Place the Ring on your hoop with connection next to a lug (left photo).
    Or anywhere your bass drum (right photo).
3. Tighten the lugs firmly by hand only, while pressing the rim for lowest possible pitch.

Compressed Air Pressure performs the magic:
  • Higher Ring Air Pressure = Higher Pitch
  • Lower Ring Air Pressure = Lower Pitch
A Pitch Pipe is usefull to pitch your drum to a desired note. (See Accessories)
Each Ring connects to the Air Supply by a Pull-Off Hose and Tee.


Each Ring is assembled by hand at using state of the art technologies for maximum Pitch Range and Everlasting Durability. 

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