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Spare MouthPiece

Price: $60.00
Item Number: MP-01
  • Spare MouthPiece, Hose, Pinch and Clasp
    The MouthPiece directly controls the pitch of your drums by biting on it. When relaxed, the pitch is at it's lowest setting. The harder you bite the MouthPiece, the higher the pitch, simple as that. Then close the Pinch shut-off to lock pitch in place. Like any reed instrument, controll by mouth can be quite an expressive method of communication. The MouthPiece Bulb can also be squeezed by hand or stepped on by foot.
    The MouthPiece and it's attached Hose is to be filled with clean water prior to use. This is done by squeezing and releasing the bulb while the Hose end is submerged in a cup of drinking water you would opperate a turky baster. Bubbles can be removed by holding the open end of the hose up, and wiggling the hose to get air bubbles out and allowing water into the bulb. Hold the open end of the hose up, squeeze the air out, dip the hose in the water and release the bulb.  Some air bubbles in the MouthPiece is fine. Bubbles soften the action of the MouthPiece and you will find a personal preference.
    Once filled with water and attached to the air supply, the Mouthpiece can remain attached. The Pinch is used to hold or free the operation of the Mouthpiece. The Pinch includes a Clasp for attachment to the drummers belt-loop for fast & easy, out-of-the-way access.
    The MouthPiece Bulb of Natural Rubber contains no latex. The bulb is very durable and should last for countless uses. It's attached and bonded to an FDA approved nylon fitting and 3 ft. long clear poly hose with a special end that connects to the Air Supply.

     SANITATION: Washing of the MouthPiece with soap and water prior to its use is highly recommended.


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